Thursday, July 9, 2009

Finally we found it!!!

Alhamdullilah finally we found the best house to rent. Since my husband and I almost give up suddenly we were waked up. hahhahah..due we have an appointment with an agent yersterday regarding house to rental at Puncak Jalil, after working we went to that area (Taman Puncak Jalil). the agent (Mr. Steven) told us that he have 2 unit houses.unfortunately we cannot enter and browsing around inside the 1st house coz he have no key. but we tried viewing the house from other unit.erm..big and OKla. then we moved to the next house. after viewing the 2nd house inside n outside, my husband and I agreed to rent that house. from my view that house is suitable for us coz;

1. our neighbour is Malay (left and right)
2. the owner so care about his house and that house look like new.
3. security wise is good
4. near to Putrajaya (my workplace) and Puchong (hubby workplace)
5. easy access to shopping complex (JJ equine, alamanda, IOI Mall, Sunway Piramid, OU,Ikea, The Curve, Mid Valley, hahahha semualah)
6. completed facilities
7. have no traffic jammed
8. sunrise post

Alhamdulillah..both of us was feelling so LEGA....but not LEGA yet. We have other things to do. packing all of our prop! aduhhh seksa plak kalu pikirkannya.

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