Sunday, December 13, 2009

Just Come Back From Celebrated My Hubby Birthday

So tired and happy when i've just come back from spending my time with my lovely person which is my husband. Today, he's like a king coz everything i have did for him. I was cooked his favorite food, I've spent my money for movie ticket (oopss this ticket for free due to GSC birthday treat), for our Hi-tea and dine in at D'One Steak House. Whoa...just empty my wallet because of my hubby...ermm no worried, t'row i'll ask him for my pocket money! hehhehehehe..I'll update my blog, where I've spent my time and my money for our beday soon. =)



unlisted_one said...

wah,..suka dgr cerita loving couple mcm ni..:>

mama tisya said...

happy belated busday to hubby masz...mn gmbr nk nengok