Monday, December 28, 2009


This is Lady In Red Giveaway from Afidah Arif . Come, see and join this giveaway for those who crazy on Contest. Just click here and u will see how to join this giveaway.


1. Buat entry bertajuk Lady In Red Giveaway = Done
2. Buat entry Pasal Giveaway nie and upload gamba yg nk dipertandingkan. Cuma 1 gamba jer taw... = Done, view the picha as below
3. Be my Follower . nie wajib , senang kalau ade ape2 update .. and jgn lupa add me dalam bloglist anda
= Done
4 . Letakkan banner kat entry ngan side bar berserta linknya sekali = Done

5. Jangan lupa Mention about the contest in your entry with links back to this entry = Done, kindly refer as per above

Nama :

Caption bout this photo :
I'm a big Fan of Red Color.
The background, my t-shirt and cup was in red colour


firahadifa said...

ok.. da review... good luck!

Anonymous said...

masz cam nampk kurus jew pix nih!

iedaLUVsham said...

comeinyer dia! aku tringin nak masuk tapi xde pic yg menarik lah, pic ko ni menarik weh! good luck masz! :)

Jard The Great said...

chumel heh.. ehehe gud luck!

Reflisia said...