Thursday, March 11, 2010

Wow! Blogger in InTrend

Weeehooo..some of my fav blogger in Intrend Magazine.

Maybe we have to be proud of our blog coz we're acknowledge by others parties. Blog is not just a diary but it's also can be a medium to impress our emotion, knowledge, opinions and etc.

Blog have eyes which is its can see anything, blog have ear which is its also will hear everything, blog have mouth which is its can talk with everyone. Sometime it's will be open minded and sometime it will be sensitive. All it's up to us how to use the blog.

Congratulation to all blogger who listed in '50 blogger Pilihan Intrend'. I was viewing all the 50 blogs from Intrend's list and u guys have such a great blog. Those who not listed in Intrend didn't mean our blog is not interesting. Maybe Intrend 'terlepas pandang kot' or have no enuf space to list out our blog..heheh.

myra darling..congrate, u have a cute blog

Intan dearie, ur sweet blog with sweetie pie Arrisa


Intan said...

Tenkiu aunty masz coz sudi baca BabyIntan...muah muah muah!

Elyn said...

seronok tgk blog kekawan dlm list intrend. tp i prefer baca EH!! heheh

Aleyn said...

Yer lah..tak sangka kan....Congratttt!!!

Reflisia said...

Intan..congrate dear

Elyn..I pun 2nd time beli Intrend coz tertarik ngan title blogger

Aleyn..banggakan walaupun kengkawan masuk magazine

Mea Myra said...

hehe ade entry blog myra kat sini eh.. hehehe maceh2.. sayang masz!