Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I did it

These are for my students.

I always thought the best way to motivate students to be successful

I do not care even if I have to spend a little money to give them rewards for their success

so as to give them the spirit to succeed in the exams, I made the ribbon for them

look! Cantik tak? hehehehhe ..


I really like and are excited to complete this ribbon….and the most I like is that my students are so happy with my gift

ooopppsss, all this is for girls only!

toink ... I really love my students and was pleased to see my student’s success

I feel satisfaction in educating people when to see them succeed

  02032011736 love pinky RIBBON

1 comment:

Sue Rosly said...

Adik. Kalau berminat dgn benda benda comel. Yang handmade. Boleh terjah blog akak.