Monday, March 14, 2011

Weekend Tak Menjadi ~ Ahad

Since we had a bad saturday, my hubby and I decided to lepak at home..

we woke up around 12.05 pm and lepaking in our lazy bed and watching TV…

when my hubby switch on TV3, OMG! Jalan2 Cari Makan program is running…

my stomach start singing My Heart Will Go On song ok…

ok2..back to JJCM program…

all of u knew what make we will stay and watching JJCM rite? so many restaurant, food shop and stall that they shown…

today’s selected restaurant that i love to visit is Mee Bandung Muar at Food Court Seksyen 8, Petaling Jaya..

in my mind (ala nearest my Mil house ni) so i didnt take seriously when they appeared the address of this food court.

I was thinking this place is the little hidden food court at PJ state located right opposite the big police station (if you have an accident anywhere in PJ, you usually end up there).

ermm,,,i suggested to have a dinner there..and my hubby agreed with me..

13032011947 13032011957

tak sabar nak gi dinner ni (5.30pm)

when we reached at Jalan Klang Lama, i started using GPS coz we started lose form our map..hahhahaha macam bagus jer tau tempat tue padahal 0…

my hubby ask me to use Garmen..ok2 i will…i dont know whether I tpyed wrong address or i didnt know to use Garmen..

Ergh..we round the PJ about 3x for seeking this place and never get there..until Garmen shown us the way to Sunway..

Argh the Garmen started GILER and i've decided to Pasar Malam jer…

Our plan to have mee bandung Muar at PJ was not be, but we still having Mee Bandung Pasar Malam for our dinner….=(

My weekend spoiled again!


Mee Bandung Pasar Malam

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