Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Feeling of having the kids!

Being a mommy and daddy, is a best moment in our life (i guess). Evendo I’ve yet to preggy, yet to deliver baby, but I still bersyukur coz i still have niece and nephew who they r like my son and doter.

Alhamdulillah, I still have chance having a feeling like mommy for my kiddos (which is they are my Sil’s kids)

I will have a big smile when i saw them with my brown eyes, when they shouted “mak shue’, when they cry and ask me to hold them, when they laugh with a variety of action, when they ask me to bring them ‘jalan-jalan’. and etc

Oh indahnya dunia. I guess, those with tittle mommy and daddy, will get happy life with their kids. I really want my own kids, but it’s come from Allah S.W.T. and I should berusaha lagi!

Be patient Masz, maybe Allah save you something better in ur future…Who knows? InsyaAllah! Everything happened come with full of Hikmah. That is what i believe in my life.

I love them so much.

160920113090 160920113091

Irdina with her scooter

Mak Shue and Uncle Bob, meleyan kiddos kat playground my Sil house kat Temerloh last weekend


Abang Iman yang merajuk coz tak pandai nak bawak basikal 2 roda. Sian abang Iman coz tak pandai main beskal 2 roda. tgk jer Sophia and Anna mengayuh beskal.

160920113095 Mak shue and Kakak Anna (my eldest niece)

This gal ni like mak shue, kalau maksu make up, dier pun nak make up juga!

160920113096 Sophia dengan ‘action’ nya dapat naik basikal 2 roda. Sangat bijak la this gal.

pandai jaga kakak and her adik (apen nama timangan adiknya)


they have a lot of ‘peel’…Mak Shue and Uncle Bob jer kekadang tak larat nak layan!


Irdina and her Uncle Bob

“Dah jom balik” uncle bob ajak balik!


LuN@_aiDi said...

cumei-cumeiinyer anak menakan u^___^
kiuttt^^ doa-doa slalo, mana tahu dapat berkat^^_

Reflisia said...

Thanks yunk..=) InsyaAllah the time will coming! kene berusaha lebih la kan dear!

Hanif Idrus Blog said...

hehehhehehe...bestnya ada anak bila time nakal dia..

missina said...

budak2 memg kiut ,,tp bila dh besar mcm2 ragam,,takpe,,usaha lg,,insyaAllah ada rezki nanti,,