Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Malaysia

What feeling are you being a Malaysian?

hmmm..whatever of your feeling to your country, I wanna say that I’m very proud being a Malaysian, evendo our country yet to be 10 most safe country in the world! (but we intend to be top ten..kindly right me if I'm wrong)

but we have BERSYUKUR, coz having a peace country, and we have a lot of people who do love our country! (even sometime got ‘haram’ demonstration, feel scared when lepaking at Mamak, heard about murder at news, got people who tipu kiri tipu kanan and etc)

Since last 16th September was our Malaysia’s Birthday, I would like to wish Happy Birthday to My Malaysia. I love Malaysia.

and last 17th September 2011, was my sis inlaw birthday.

Oh my sista! Happy Birthday to you and I wish u, have a long journey in your life with rezeki yang melimpah ruah and happy family. I love you my sista!


Her birthday cake…Happy Birthday Dr. Azlina

(ampun, ur lil sil tak dapat baking ur cake coz she forgot ur birthday! so sorry)

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