Tuesday, December 13, 2011

It’s your day Sweetheart ~ 12 Dec

happy birthday

Dedicated this ugly card to you Mr. Bugs.

(designed by Reflisia..just for her husband)


Happy birthday!! Happy birthday!!

It’s your day, a special day

For a very special person and dear to me

That has always been the best of gifts

That god has sent to me

Happy birthday!! Happy birthday!!

On this day I’ll pray for the best

Of everything and for your wish to come true

For you, and for us till the rest

Of the days to come

Happy birthday!! Happy birthday!!

It’s the day to celebrate not alone but together

You and me may it be forever

All my love I’ll have to offer

On the special day for my lover!

By Louisa Wen

I also dedicated this poem to Mr. Bugs

1 comment:

missina said...

wow!besday bugs semalam ye,,so sweet that ugly card,,^_~,,**just kidding,,

neway happy belated birthday for him too,,semoga bahagia selalu masz dan bugs,,muahhhhh!