Thursday, January 19, 2012

It’s New Babeh!

FUHH..with more challenge with new phase!

New career, new place, new uniform and new responsibility!

Oh my, seriously I’m not in my world but I fell like I am still under probation or still in practical session! Unfortunately i have to switch my mind to a real life..not for 3 or 4 month but it’s forever until I get year 60th ok!

Ok I will describe my career later but now I wanna introduce a new friend! =)


Tadaaaa.. my new friend who will ‘teman’ me to finish my work at late nite!


Have u try this! it’s smell like chocolate and it’s taste like latte (from my tongue).

Nescafe Latte Style, really love it

new product of Nescafe! Good Job =)

1 comment:

Dinda Iva said...

eh takde jumpa lagi ni.....sedap kannnn??nak carilah...